Team Building

Building a team united by a strong company vision is paramount to success, though not always easy to achieve. We provide a great platform to take people out of the office and engage them with your company vision and values in a way that is tangible and meaningful. Our aim is that your people to gain a greater understanding of the bigger picture in your company which means improved staff satisfaction and productivity.

Unite your company
It is often said that we live is a small world, but the truth is that it is still difficult to create effective networks and communities between offices in different localities. Our Challenge Events provide and exciting basis for solidarity where teams from remote locations are bought together. There is nothing like getting behind your local team to get people inspired and motivated.

There are particularly exciting possibilities open to multinational companies. How about creating a challenge series that will incorporate local qualifying heats in each area followed by the  Overall title challenge being held in the area of last year’s winner?

Reward, celebrate and motivate
If your company has had a major success, nothing communicates appreciation more clearly than rewarding your staff. After all, without them nothing would happen. We’re not talking about an office party or fancy meal; reward can be something much richer and more memorable, something that celebrates achievement while starting to build towards the next success.
Whether you have exceeded your targets or not, motivated staff are key to success. Your employees are your most valuable asset so let them know it. Bringing people together in a new context creates to opportunity to refocus your team and boost morale before pushing forward.

Helping others less fortunate
Companies, their employees and customers hold the power to do enormous good for society. Sometimes, it just takes a creative idea to capture the imagination and engage people in something inspiring. Our creative  events & programmes generate social good and powerfully demonstrate your company’s contribution: actions speak louder than words.

Raising money
One highly practical way of supporting good causes is to raise money; challenge fundraising events are highly effective. When ordinary staff step out to do something extraordinary, friends and family will step up to sponsor them and the cause they represent. On many occasions, companies themselves will pay for teams to enter, understanding the development value to the business as well as the opportunity to back a good cause.

Raising awareness
Our stand-out skill, is weaving a compelling narrative into our events. These stories raise awareness for all those who take part and more importantly, creates powerful content to get the message out into the mass media. A unique event with an important message told in a  creative way has the power to cut through media noise.

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