Corporate Nutrition

Our corporate nutrition seminars and 1:1 wellness consultations have been designed to guide your staff towards the healthiest food choices to boost brain power, improve mood and keep sick days at bay. Working with our team of nutritionists and health coaches we offer:

Health Consultations
Our qualified nutritionists and health coaches work with your staff on a 1-on-1 basis, confidentially coaching them through health and nutrition concerns, helping them set realistic and attainable goals for improved health and diet. Diet will be form a major part of our conversation, but we’ll also look at the whole spectrum of wellbeing, discussing the client’s stress levels, sleep patterns, exercise regime and any other health and lifestyle complaints. Consider these consultations a personal ‘MOT’ helping your staff live their lives with optimal health and vitality.

Clients will be asked to complete and return a confidential health history form prior to their session. Consultations can take place in a small, quiet meeting room. When booking, we request a minimum of 5 sessions and maximum of 10 sessions in 1 day. If employers aren’t paying for their staff, then staff can pay for their consultation directly. All we ask is that the company provide a small meeting room for the duration of the sessions.

Stress Management
Stress is a fact of life,  wherever you are and whatever you are doing. You cannot avoid stress, but you can learn to manage it so it doesn’t manage you.

Changes in our lives—such as going to University, getting married, changing jobs, or illness—are frequent sources of stress. Keep in mind that changes that cause stress can also benefit you. Moving away from home to attend University, for example, creates personal-development opportunities—new challenges, friends, and living arrangements. That is why it’s important to know yourself and carefully consider the causes of stress. Learning to do this takes time, and although you cannot avoid stress, the good news is that you can minimize the harmful effects of stress, such as depression or hypertension. The key is to develop an awareness of how you interpret, and react to, circumstances. This awareness will help you develop coping techniques for managing stress.

For example, as an Army platoon leader, managing stress will require techniques that include an  awareness of yourself and your Soldiers. For Example a Sports Club coach, managing the teams highs and lows through results and external pressures,  over training ,  family issues, financial worries and poor nutrition. Stress is the way human beings react both physically and mentally to changes, events, and situations in their lives. People experience stress in different ways and for different reasons.

Stress falls into three categories PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL.

Dealing with Stress can prevent Depression.

Learning how to manage Stress through a action plan and relaxation techniques will help you as a individual enjoy life to the full.

The action plan for Stress:

  1. Tackling the problem, talking with people and discussing how to solve a problem
  2. Taking care of my body, through exercise and nutrition
  3. Dealing with emotions, Relaxation techniques surround yourself with positive people
  4. Making the world better, Set yourself life goals, enjoying family time, Help the less fortunate if you can, Take time out to unwind and see the world in rose tinted glasses.

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