Charity Fundraising

Fundraising requires a high expenditure of limited resources – time, money and energy. You will be identifying all your most useful friends, calling in all the goodwill that already exists for your cause and looking to generate more.

This will require an inspiring ‘purpose’ and effective organisation. It will take everything you can give it and it must succeed.  To succeed in the current competitive environment you want to get it right and ensure that your charity will achieve its goals.

Key questions to ask:

• Is your current fundraising potential maximised?
• How can you ensure that your aims are realistic?
• Is your cause truly convincing and inspiring?
• Have you identified all the potential sources of funds?
• How best can you approach potential funders?
• Are your resources sufficient?
• Do you need ongoing consultant support?

Pitch Sports Consultancy Health Check
PSC offers a Health Check that will take your organisation through a structured process to review the current capability of your organisation, analyse the risks you face and propose recommendations for the strategy you need to adopt to bridge the gap.The review exercise starts a process to ensure that your organisation and team are aligned and performing effectively and can adopt new strategies to deliver successful fundraising.

Benefits of a Pitch Sports Consultancy Health Check
An effective Health Check is an essential precursor to successful fundraising – its structured process will:

• Highlight any weaknesses and propose solutions
• Provide a wider perspective
• Guide your detailed planning

A PSC Health Check will give your fundraising the greatest chance of success and will give you the structure and knowledge to proceed confidently.

Pitch Sports Consultancy Health Check
The PSC Health Check is a process of an  interviews and analysis by our adviser

The three main areas of focus are:

1 Review
Our consultants will work directly with you to provide a comprehensive review of your existing fundraising processes and strategy. This will provide a practical insight into the return on investment of activities as well as identify potential for future growth.

2 Research
This is fundamental to fundraising success. Our consultants will examine your objectives, how they add value, and how this could best be portrayed to existing and potential supporters.

3 Risk Analysis
There are numerous different ways to approach funders, many of which are often ignored. Our consultants will consider the most appropriate appeal

The review will culminate in a comprehensive Health Check Report which will present:

• An overview of your fundraising and its strengths and weaknesses, reviewing its strategic aims and the clarity of its message
• Clear practical recommendations to immediately take your fundraising forward
• A review of your current networks to identify links that already exist to potential funders
• Suggestions for additional sources of funding
• Outline proposals for a fundraising strategy
• Measurable next steps as a basis for ensuring that your charity is fit for fundraising

Consultant Advice
The report will also offer advice in areas such as:

Other competing appeals and an assessment of their potential impact;
Your organisation’s resource base and its readiness for fundraising
The likelihood of attracting the funds required and an estimate of timescales
A process for further developing fundraising activity
The budget, staffing and resources required to develop your strategy

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