Tabbing & It’s Fitness Benefits

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Tabbing is a military term walking at a fast pace with a weighted Bergen ( Rucksack) .In the British Army loaded marching is considered a core skill and is tested annually in an eight mile Combat Fitness Test carrying 15-25kg depending on the regiment. The term tab has its roots in an acronym, being an abbreviation of Tactical Advance to Battle . Avalanche Endurance Events has been set up by former members of the Special Forces to test civilians under military training situations. has linked up to provide arguably one of the toughest team challenges in the UK.

Our director Gerald Mccarthy has participated in a large number of Special Forces challenges which include both the Winter and Summer Fandance, Point to Point and Ironman. The latter being navigational and time sensitive challenges which push individuals to their limits both mentally and physically. We have received a number of questions regarding tabbing so I would like to explain why and the benefits.

A good place to start for a beginner is to put weight in your bergen equivalent to 10% of your body weight .For example if you weigh 140 lbs load your Bergen with 14 lbs. Once you get used to weight you can gradually increase to 35 lb which is considered an acceptable body strain weight. If you go above this it can start to break down your body.Loading the bergen with weight is the most important part as you do not want the weight all at the bottom. The heaviest items should be packed at the very top or near to the very top of your Bergen’s (rucksack) contents. If the weight is at the bottom of the pack it will put great strain on your lower back and make marching painful, if not unbearable. So we recommend you start with soft and light items like a sleeping bag, which provides good cushioning, and build up from there. You might also want to consider the priority of need with regards to important clothing and utility items. If the weather turns for the worst, it’s not much use having your rainproof jacket at the bottom of your load. Food, water, warm kit and rain/windproof jackets are among the most useful items that should be kept at or near the top of your packing. A small first aid kit might be a good idea too. Your Bergen should ideally sit high up on your back (rather than hanging low) so that it concentrates the spread of weight on the upper spine and across your shoulders. Don’t pull your Bergen up so high that you can’t push your head back and hold an erect posture. This is 99% practice 1% theory, so practice getting your position and fit right sooner rather than later.

Now put on you Bergen and go for a walk or a hike. You can go as long and far as you want ,but if just starting its best to ease into the activity.You may be sore after in some places your normal fitness regime has ignored. Expect the muscles around your knees ,your backside and lower back to feel tender.The benefit however is that the bergen puts you into a great posture ,so you are working muscles that need working.

The benefits of Tabbing are that you do not have to buy new expensive gym memberships or expensive equipment. You are out in the fresh air .I have 2 sayings that I always inspire me .”If it’s not raining ,it’s not training” and ” If it’s not snowing ,I ain’t going” Basically the worse the weather the more you get out of an outdoor session. It takes you out of the comfort zone and afterwards the sense of satisfaction is extremely high.You can do it every morning you take the dog for a walk, or you commute to work on foot, or you ensure you go for a post meal walk. Outdoor exercise is good for the mind. We all stare at computers, mobile phones and televisions .Out having to judge terrain makes your mind work in a completely different way .It is always known to reduce stress and may help you sleep better at night according to the National Sleep Foundation. One of the main benefits however is that the extra weight helps you accelerate your fitness and at the same time reduce weight.bergens 1



SAS-Wales Toughest Rugby Team Challenge

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It is good to be involved in such an amazing challenge,one which will push all participants to their limits both mentally and physically.As an organisation we aim to give something back,and by linking up with Wooden Spoon as our nominated charity we aim to raise substantial fundraising just not with this event but for the next 3 years in every area of our business.Wooden Spoon is the UK’s leading grant-making charity dedicated to helping disabled and disadvantaged children and young people through rugby.They are one of the country’s largest funders of respite and medical treatment centres, sensory rooms, specialist playgrounds, sports activity areas and community based programmes in the UK.Inspired by their rugby heritage, they have been able to help over a million children and young people through their life-changing projects since they were founded in 1983.

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We have linked up with an organisation at the apex of UK and military fitness and events industry Avalanche Endurance Events.Built around a team of former members of the British Special Forces.Specifically their instructors have all served in the Special Air Service or Special Boat Service (SAS & SBS).and have global training and operational experience.Having a combination of experienced soldiers who have undertaken both the regular and reserve Selection courses, as well as having instructed on Training Wing, they are uniquely and and strongly positioned within the civilian world to deliver not only the most appropriate, but arguably the highest standard of event management and associated specialist training in the UK.


As an organisation Avalanche Endurance Events set and maintain incredibly high standards for both the safety and quality of the events they are able to deliver. As the UK’s leading ultra-tough military event’s organiser, they set themselves apart as the original Special Forces events organisation, offering the absolute closest SAS & SBS Selection experience outside of the actual military system. No other organisation is as well equipped, as well staffed or experienced to manage and deliver the demands of running military scale exercises of this kind. Their expertise is complimented by a fleet of off road vehicles, including search and rescue trail motor bikes, quad bikes with water crossing capabilities and a fully equipped field ambulance. The jewel in their crown is a technical Command & Control Vehicle, which along with their highly skilled Signals Officer supports the first and only patron based radio communications network in the entire UK endurance events industry. This unique and gold standard safety measure ensures all patrons are trained in the use of two way radio protocol and remain in contact with Mountain Safety Team operators whilst undertaking highly demanding and realistic Special Forces testing. Avalanche Endurance Events invest heavily in people, their patrons and equipment, and for that reason maintain an unblemished safety record in spite of hosting and delivering what are arguably among the most demanding and superior series of endurance events in the country, often staged in the most adverse and testing of weather conditions. This is achieved through the confidence drawn from having the right people with the right skills and experience at all levels within the organisation.

Avalanche Endurance Events are understandably proud of their heritage and achievements; as the first and original organisers of the Fan Dance Summer and Winter edition events and, as the only organisation in the UK able to deliver the entire test week series. Their values are forged on the SAS Regimental ethos of humility, discipline, humour and the unrelenting pursuit of excellence.


The challenge itself is unique as it is the first time rugby teams from all over the UK will be allowed to compete against each other away from the rugby field and in unfamiliar ground at the beautiful,stunning but brutal Brecon Beacons. Named Wales toughest rugby team as it is based in the mountains of Wales.It is an opportunity for a team of 4 to work together to achieve the ultimate goal and be crowned inaugral winners ,and lift at the end of the finishing lines one of the finest trophies ever created for an endurance event.Made out of bronze and weighing 2 kilos it has been specially commissioned and produced by hand by master craftsman John Nicholson of JN Bespoke Bronze. This will look striking and surely draw lots of attention by supporters and visting teams when they enter your clubhouse.

To get to the finishing line you will need physical and mental strength? Push your limits and beyond fully loaded with 35 lb weighted Bergen across the 24km SAS Wales testing ground route in the Brecon Beacons.

The route is a real lung buster that throws everything at you, including the elements. There are steady slopes that allow a solid jogging pace, shocking inclines that have you almost on your hands and knees, loose stone tracks that require cautious foot placements and a forested vehicle track that allows for some rapid going. Throw in a log race and you know you are in a challenge. Even SAS recruits at the height of their physical abilities regard beating the clock in this event as a serious challenge, and all know its capacity to hurt. Aside from the race aspect of this event, just getting to the end is an accomplishment and something to be proud of.


But this is not all.The winning team will also receive a brand new full team kit which they can design themselves. They will all be numbered and with your sponsors logos placed where appropriate.Both Avalanche Endurance Events and Pitch Sports Consultancy will be prominent on the jersey. The runners up will receive full leisure to include a polo, hoodie and bottoms again which you can design. Third place will receive balls,bottles and various other matchday equipment.

Every participant who completes, will receive a beautifully designed SAS patch. At the starting line each competitor will receive a goodie bag which will include T Shirt, supplements and other branded merchandise. The entry fee really does represent exceptional value, and in addition supporting an outstanding charity.

Post event presentation of awards will also be something special with Pitch Sports Consultancy’s Lee Byrne and Avalanche Endurance Events Ken Jones take part in a special Q & A with further celebrity guests attending.I for one cannot wait for this day to arrive.

So look out for us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for various updates and remember #DaretoWin.

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